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About Us

MALIKA SURF ASD was born out of a love for our passions Surfing, Sup, Yoga and nature! With MALIKA surfing we have the opportunity to transmit this passion around Italy and abroad, we want to take you to heal your body and mind in wonderful places surrounded by nature in full connection with it!

Detach your mind from everyday life, immerse yourself in yourself, now close your eyes and imagine yourself in front of the sea, listen to its sound and breathe in its smell… and become one with it.

SURF & YOGA perfect combination that will allow you to understand exactly how important it is to perceive, through all your senses.

Malika faces


Malika Surf School instructors are certified and experienced in teaching the disciplines they deliver.

SURFING FISW (Italian Water Ski Federation Wakeboard)
ISA (International Surfing Association)
FIN (Italian Swimming Federation, Rescue)